I know am supposed to hold aspirin products for 5 days. What are considered aspiring products?
Aspirin products include: Advil, ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, naprosyn or any medications you take for arthritis (including iron).

What foods am supposed to avoid 2 days prior to the procedure?

It is important that you stop eating high roughage foods such as lettuce, beans, cabbage, corn as well as any high fiber foods including whole wheat bread. If you take fiber laxatives, you must also stop taking them 2 days prior to your procedure.

What foods are ok to eat?

It is ok to eat meat, potatoes, pastas, fruits, and white breads.

I know I am supposed to begin a clear liquid diet at breakfast on the day prior to the procedure, what is considered a clear liquid?
Clear liquids include all of the following:

  • Strained fruit juices (without the pulp)
  • Water
  • Clear broth or bouillon
  • Coffee or tea (without milk or non-dairy creamer)
  • Gatorade
  • Carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks
  • Kool-aid or other fruit flavored drinks
  • Plain jello (without fruit or toppings)
  • Ice popsicles
  • No red or purple fluidslliquids
  • No milk products or solids

Where is ADC Endoscopy Specialists located?
Our physical address is #1 Care Circle Drive. Our facility is located inside Legacy Squares office park off of Amarillo Boulevard West between Coulter & Soncy.

Will ADC Endoscopy Specialists accept my insurance?

We do participate in and accept most insurance plans. There may be some tests or services that your physician orders which are not covered by your insurance. In this instance, our staff will do their best to notify you in advance of the test or service being performed. We highly recommend you contact your insurance company and be up-to-date on your coverage plan. We too, are concerned over the rising cost of health care; and in an effort to assist you; we will file insurance claims on your behalf. However, you will be expected to pay any co-pay or deductible amounts at the time services are performed.

Is a referral needed to see a physician (have a procedure> at ADC Endoscopy Specialists?
Some insurance plans do not require a patient to obtain a referral from their primary care physician for certain procedures; however, others do. You should check with your insurance company or our appointment staff to see if a referral is needed. It is the responsibility of the patient to obtain all necessary referrals.

Can I call and speak directly with my doctor?

It is not always feasible to speak directly to your physician when you call the Clinic. Your call is very important to us and will be returned by your physician’s nurse as soon as possible.

Why did it take so long for my return my phone call?

It is very important that your doctor’s nurse have all of the information necessary to return your phone call. This information could be lab results, X-ray and/or other diagnostic test results and your patient records. It takes a reasonable amount of time for this information to be gathered properly in order to better serve you or your family member.

If I have an emergency, what should I do?
In an emergency, you should go to the emergency room in order that immediate care can be delivered. ADC Endoscopy Specialists is not an emergency treatment facility, and you should never come to ADC Endoscopy Specialists for urgent or emergency care. At your request, your physician will be notified of your condition and reason for emergency care by the emergency room staff.

How long will I be at ADC Endoscopy Specialists?
You will typically be at our facility for 2-3 hours from start to finish. Please understand that your procedure time is "tentative" and that although we strive to do our best to be on time, unless you are the first procedure of the day for your physician then you are "to follow" other cases which could possibly cause a delay in your procedure time due to the needs of the patients scheduled ahead of you.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • A driver that must remain in the facility during your procedure
  • A list of your current medications, dosage and strength
  • A current insurance card and drivers license
  • An insurance referral (when seeing a specialist, some insurance companies do require a patient to obtain a referral from their primary care doctor)
  • Verify with your referring doctor that medical records and/or X-rays have been sent to our Clinic prior to your appointment.
  • Please notify us as early as possible if you are unable to keep your appointment